9 Famous Quotes About Aging Every Senior Should Read

Image By Tinseltown From Shutterstock

#9 Gwyneth Paltrow

“As I go on in life and I feel more and more myself, and less judgmental about myself, my values become clearer to me.”

We have seen her in a myriad of movies, and, despite just reaching her fifties, she showed us that growing up in the limelight made her wiser than some would give her credit for. The actress, who has a lot of important accolades under her name and is also a successful entrepreneur, gave an important quote about loving ourselves as we are.

After all, we shouldn’t live our lives judging and criticizing ourselves. With time, we have all learned who we are and, if needed, made changes toward becoming who we want. With time, all of us will learn more and more, and hopefully, we will accept ourselves to the core!

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