6 Famous Song Lyrics, Explained

Image By Ben Houdijk From Shutterstock

#4 “Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you…”

When you have to name one man for profound lyrics, up there with Bob Dylan is none other than Neil Young. The man has always had a knack for tugging on the heartstrings of everyone listening to his songs. This was possible because Neil was never one to shy away from expressing his feelings, and his emotions can definitely be seen in the way he wrote his songs.

The song is bound to make you emotional as the lyrics are inspired by the old caretaker that took care of Neil’s ranch, who has died. The singer ends up comparing the life of a young man with the old man’s life and finds that it is very similar at first sight.

And as we all started to feel the weight of the years, we couldn’t have known just how right he was when he wrote Old Man


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