6 Famous Song Lyrics, Explained

Image By Blueee77 From Shutterstock

#3 “They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot…”

The first Canadian singer-songwriter on our list (but definitely not the last) and a well-known figure in the folk scene, Joni Mitchell is known for her impressive lyrics and heartfelt songs. The most famous one she has written, however, has to be Big Yellow Taxi, and we have to commend her for how relatable it is.

It couldn’t have been any other way, as the singer took inspiration from her own experience when she wrote the song.

In an interview, she talked about how when she went on vacation to Hawaii, she ended up taking a taxi to the hotel, only to realize her surroundings the next day. While she could see Hawaii’s beauty in the distance, everything right next to her hotel was concrete and man-made, which inspired her to write this song.

And, in an age when we are losing more and more nature to urban development, we cannot emphasize how real it is!


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