Energy Vampires: 6 People That Are Draining the Life Out of You

Image By file404 From Shutterstock

Feeling sick

Physical illness typically occurs after an energy vampire has been interfering with your emotional stability for some time and you have reached the stage where your body has started to get unwell as well. It’s a warning sign if you ever experience headaches, stomachaches, or any other uncomfortable bodily symptoms shortly after interacting with a certain individual, especially if it happens frequently.


Our ability to think clearly is impaired when we come into contact with energy vampires or toxic individuals in general. We may continue to be able to work, study, exercise, and so forth, but our ability to focus will certainly suffer. Our memory is typically the same way. So, if you suspect someone of draining your energy, take note of how easy it is for you to concentrate and recall information while you are near them or just after you have spoken with them.

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