Energy Vampires: 6 People That Are Draining the Life Out of You

Image By Tero Vesalainen From Shutterstock

Signs That Someone Is Draining Your Energy


We frequently feel mentally and physically worn out when someone drains our energy. The issue is that other factors, including inadequate sleep or food, may also contribute to general fatigue.

Yelling is one of the most noticeable ones. For instance, imagine that despite being a little tired and not getting enough sleep, you yawn shortly after speaking with a particular person. A single yawn is probably just a coincidence, but five or 10 would almost certainly indicate that the person is exhausting you, and your brain is trying to let you know that.


Anxiety is frequently a strong indicator that someone is eating up your energy. So, if you suspect you’re interacting with an energy vampire, pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. For instance, have you recently noticed any sudden or persistent anxiety thoughts? Your hands are getting cold, your heart is racing, or you’re feeling a little woozy. It can indicate that you’re losing energy.



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