Energy Vampires: 6 People That Are Draining the Life Out of You

Image By PUSCAU DANIEL From Shutterstock

#4 The Melodramatic Vampire

The Melodramatic Vampire enjoys creating problems. They frequently have an underlying dark void in their lives that drives them to create drama on a regular basis. Melodramatic Vampires also adore looking for crises because it offers them a justification for feeling victimized (therefore special and in dire need of love), an inflated sense of self-worth, and a way to avoid dealing with life’s genuine problems. Another reason Melodramatic Vampires enjoy producing drama is that the negative feelings they feed off are addictive.

Refuse to join the Melodramatic Vampire in his stirring of the pot or to pick a side. Keep an eye out for the themes in their behaviors and the reasons you feel obligated to get involved. As much as you can, put some distance between you and them.



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