Energy Vampires: 6 People That Are Draining the Life Out of You

Image By Studio Romantic From Shutterstock

#1 The Victim Vampire

Your guilt attracts Victim Vampires. Victims feel “at the mercy” of the universe and suffer mostly as a result of other people. Victim vampires frequently manipulate, emotionally blackmail, and place blame on others rather than accepting responsibility for their own lives. The Victim Vampire’s extremely low self-esteem is the cause of their destructive behavior.

Victim Vampires feel inherently unworthy and unacceptable because their problems most likely originated from a lack of affection, acceptance, and validation as children. In an effort to deal with this misery, they subtly manipulate you into feeling guilty in order to win your sympathy and pity.

Be on the lookout for Victim Vampires’ signs of self-pity. A self-pity cue, for instance, would be the inclination of the person to attribute their misery to someone else or perhaps a recounting of their miserable day. Avoid joining in on their misery. If you can, keep your contact with them to a minimum.



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