These 5 Dreams Have a Surprising Meaning

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You were cheated on!

Let’s get one thing straight: you are not having prophetic dreams that your partner is cheating on you in real life. It is just something your brain made up, and it could very well stem from a previous relationship in which you were cheated on or even if you know your partner may have been led astray once before. It is something that keeps bothering you, so it will keep coming up in your dreams.

Yet, if you have never been cheated on before and you know your partner is nothing but faithful, then there is another reason for having such dreams.

You may be feeling like you are missing something in your couple’s life, like attention or time spent with your loved one, and it manifests in you having such a dream. You actually feel cheated, but it generally means something like time with your partner or attention from them!

You may not even have realized you felt this way until the dream!

The good news is that it is easy to correct something like this, and it can also be a very good dream. Do not let such a dream influence you to jump at your partner’s throat about something your brain imagined, but rather think about why you feel ignored or not as significant and communicate with your partner.

You could start having more date nights or start doing something together so that you can appease that feeling of being cheated out of quality time with your spouse!


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