5 Dangerous Types of Narcissists and How to Spot Them

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3. Communal narcissism

If you’ve reached this far with the reading, by now you’re probably familiar with what NPD means. In this case, all the people who suffer from communal narcissism believe they are the best, which means they’re also able to know every little thing in the entire universe.

In fact, they assume their abilities are beyond comprehension, and without thinking twice, they deny any advice from others who may want to draw their attention in case they did something wrong. Another trait of communal narcissism is the fact that they can’t stand critics.

In addition, they want to feel significant and like their lives have meaning, so they are attempting to fix everything. The majority of them make an effort to seem interested in community projects, but ultimately their only goal is to attract attention.

Because of this, many collective narcissists constantly argue with those around them rather than putting their attention on ensuring that everyone is happy. If their plans fall through, they become upset and respond by trying to portray themselves as victims by claiming that they did everything in their power to advance the cause and that everyone else but them is to blame for the failure.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to spot a communal narcissist because these people are great “actors” that seem to be faking their existence from the very beginning.

However, if you’re in a relationship with a communal narcissist, you may want to be careful about the early signs that show you that something is definitely not OK.


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