5 Dangerous Types of Narcissists and How to Spot Them

Photo by Paul Biryukov from Shutterstock

2. Overt narcissism

Compared to covert narcissism, overt narcissism is significantly easier to spot. In fact, this is the most common type of narcissism, and it can be easily recognizable because people who are like this tend to be arrogant, have super high self-esteem, publicly put everybody else around them down, and have a tendency to be impulsive, especially if they don’t get what they think they deserve.

While it can be pretty hard to deal with a person like this, especially if it’s about a romantic relationship, it’s very important to know and understand the root of the problem. And in most cases, this personality disorder develops during the childhood years, especially if the kid doesn’t have emotionally supportive parents.

Psychologists say that overt narcissism is basically a lack of empathy for other people; that’s why narcissists are unable to feel sadness, loneliness, or even worry throughout their lives.

Another sign that you’re dealing with an over-narcissist is that they usually feel competitive towards other people. They have a problem working in a team of people because they will always think that anybody else is better than them, therefore they will never be cooperative.

Unfortunately, if you recognize these signs in your current partner, it’s better to leave the relationship as soon as possible since overt narcissists aren’t capable of loving anyone but themselves and the relationship most likely is going to fail.


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