5 Dangerous Types of Narcissists and How to Spot Them

Photo by Daniele Mezzadri from Shutterstock

1. Covert narcissism

While you may expect to see all these types of narcissism as equal, you will be surprised to know that covert narcissism is actually quite the opposite of what narcissism looks like. Introversion, insecurity, poor self-esteem, defensiveness, avoidance, and, in most instances, a propensity to play the victim are some characteristics of someone with covert narcissism. Even though a person with covert narcissism will still be extremely self-focused, this tendency is more likely to clash with a deep fear or feeling of not being enough.

Various studies show that people who suffer from covert narcissism may have dealt with an abusive and traumatic childhood in which their parents abused them and never told them how proud they were of them. In fact, a lot of them were actually insulted for every mistake they’ve made.

That’s why most people with this type of personality disorder will never accept criticism because they already feel they aren’t enough. Weirdly enough, they will also see the criticism as very bad and extremely harsh, even if that wasn’t the initial intention of their interlocutor.

Moreover, while they are mostly aware of their behavior, they don’t really care to change one bit! It can be challenging to spot covert narcissists at the beginning of an emotional relationship.

Many individuals have fallen victim to the deceptive tactics of a covert narcissist without becoming aware of what has occurred until they are already experiencing feelings of loneliness. Because of this, covert narcissists harm people because they suppose there is no reciprocity or partnership in the relationship.


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