7 Creepy Signs a Thief Is Watching Your House

Photo by Mike_shots from shutterstock.com

3. Knocking at your door, pretend they’re services providers

The most frequent method of finding out whether or not there’s someone home is to knock at the door.

Intruders might often pose as salesmen or handymen in order to gain access to a residence and start their surveillance mission.

For example, they might come to your door and offer you free carpet cleaning or roof repairs.

If you let them in, they’ll learn important details about your home, such as the number of entrances, the people who live there, whether or not you have a dog or a security system, and whether or not you have any valuables lying around.

We’re sure there are certainly honest salesmen and handymen out there, but you should still check folks out thoroughly before allowing them inside your home.


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