7 Creepy Signs a Thief Is Watching Your House

Photo by karamysh from shutterstock.com

1. You notice strange people walking around your neighborhood 

If you’ve been living in the same neighborhood for an extended period of time, there’s a high chance that you know one another, and you typically know what to expect from that area.

So if you suddenly notice someone unfamiliar doing rounds in the quartier, you might have a reason to be extra prudent.

Of course, if they’ve just moved there and you actually see their property, you might not have a reason to be scared, but if you see that someone is “innocently” walking or jogging in your area a few times a week (without actually living there), you should watch out.

If you’re feeling positive that the person or the unknown people you kept seeing are indeed suspicious, you should pay attention to their appearances and talk to the authorities about them. Don’t forget to inform your neighbors too, because this affects everyone!


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