7 Creepy Signs a Thief Is Watching Your House

Photo by Diego Cervo from shutterstock.com

7. Flyers 

You surely notice all those random flyers that are in your mail or even at your doorsteps. You might think that those papers are only advertising methods, but for burglars, they’re more than that.

They’re indicators of which property is more likely to be a target and might also be used to see which residents return home first.

If you don’t need the flyers, it’s nothing uncommon to pick them up and throw them away. However, this method is used by thieves to track the timing and location of flyer pickups.

Those who don’t or who pick them up late confirm the burglar’s suspicion that no one is home during the day. Pick up any fliers you see laying around your door, and if there seems to be an unusual number, contact the authorities to investigate ASAP.

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