6 Clingy Zodiac Signs That Never Heard of “Personal Space”

Image By Allexxandar From Shutterstock

#5 Virgo

Virgos possess all the qualities necessary to be independent and self-sufficient. They aren’t, and the only reasons are their terrible anxiety and sporadic bouts of self-doubt. Virgos have imposter syndrome and therefore can benefit from a reliable friend or partner who can encourage them when they are feeling down.

Even if all you want to do is take a moment to breathe, the meticulous Virgo wants to examine each and every aspect of the problem you may be facing. Virgos are renowned as the hard workers of the zodiac, so be careful not to ask one for assistance until you are ready to put a plan into motion since once they start, they won’t stop until they finish.

All of Virgo’s needy and clinging tendencies come out in full force when they aren’t receiving enough attention. They turn to negative tactics because the good ones don’t seem to be working. They get agitated, whiny, complaining, and demanding; it’s not pleasant. They become increasingly obsessive and act out in unpleasant ways to get your attention as you repeatedly refuse to give to their demand for attention. 

Fortunately, Virgo knows when to stop being needy and when to express gratitude to their friends. If warned that space is required, Virgo is content to cease being needy and find a new task to concentrate on in order to divert their attention.


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