8 Classic Traits of a Narcissist

Photo by Prazis Images from shutterstock.com

#1 They Manifest a Strong Sense of Entitlement

It is clear that if there were a hierarchy, the narcissist would be at the top of it, since that is the only place they feel safe. All things must be done the narcissist’s way; they must own everything, and they must be in complete control of everyone. It’s curious to note that narcissists may feel superior even when they are the “villain.” They feel as if they are the center of attention when they are the worst, the most unwell, upset, or hurtful.

Because they find themselves very special, narcissists want favorable treatment. They genuinely think we should grant them their wishes. They also believe that those around them should always comply with their every wish and demand. From their point of view, you are useless if you don’t predict and satisfy all of their needs.

And if you have the audacity to go against what they want or “selfishly” demand anything in return, be ready to face hostility, anger, or even more, the silent treatment.


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