9 Biggest Turns-Offs for People Over 50s

Photo by fizkes from shutterstock.com

3. Complaining too much 

Negativity is the thief of joy and is 100% a turn-off. Don’t take it the wrong way: we all complain from time to time and ask our partners for advice and understanding, but when someone is always negative and angry with the things that happen in their lives, things aren’t good between them.

Just imagine being with someone who doesn’t have a nice word to say about anything but rather is full of complaints and anger towards everything that goes on in a day. It makes you feel tired, angry, and even frustrated.

They actually transmit their negative thoughts and project their insecurities onto you, which can easily transform into a red flag.


  1. Even married spouses need to take some moments separately from one another. These are times that need to revive ourselves with interesting things, hobbies, and being with our “buddies,” that is others of the same sex as our own. An old saying is, “Variety is a spice of life.” Too much of a good thing can be as bad as none.

  2. As someone who has had 2 previous marriages where friendship WASN’T a factor (3rd one is to my “first love” with whom I’ve been friends for over 40 yrs prior to our marriage) I can attest that #8 is in fact extremely true!!


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