9 Biggest Turns-Offs for People Over 50s

senior couple
Photo by Jacob Lund from shutterstock.com

9. Zero friendship 

Many people think that before being romantic partners, 2 people need to be friends. They’re right. When you’re with someone who knows and supports you even in the darkest moments, you’re part of something wonderful.

Friends are there for one another and they support each other, even when things are tough. It’s a relationship based on respect, understanding, and love, and it makes everything beautiful and easy.

If you’re friends with your partner, you can tell them whatever’s going on inside your head without fear of them not reacting appropriately. You’ll find ways to deal with your problems and you’ll share everything with one another.

You’ll laugh and cry together and your connection will be like no other. People over their 50s aren’t only looking for a partner, but they also want a friend. If you think we’re wrong, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Person was going to say they were going to say something and never said anything so therefore I guess any turn off after 50 is whatever turns you off LOL

  2. Even married spouses need to take some moments separately from one another. These are times that need to revive ourselves with interesting things, hobbies, and being with our “buddies,” that is others of the same sex as our own. An old saying is, “Variety is a spice of life.” Too much of a good thing can be as bad as none.

  3. As someone who has had 2 previous marriages where friendship WASN’T a factor (3rd one is to my “first love” with whom I’ve been friends for over 40 yrs prior to our marriage) I can attest that #8 is in fact extremely true!!


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