Movies You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn: Non-fiction movie

Capricorns are all about staying real to yourself and being your most authentic self. And because of that, their inclination is to seek out movies that are based on reality and non-fiction movies that can show them the reality of the human experience.

For them, we recommend the gorgeous movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which showcases the friendship between a journalist, Tom Junod, and Fred Rogers. It is a great movie that you can enjoy on a calm afternoon!

Aquarius: Sci-fi movie

Despite it not being a movie per se, the recommendation we have for the imaginative Aquarius is The Last of Us. This series has been based on a critically acclaimed and well-loved video game series, and it shows a dystopian version of the future.

We will not spoil the series because we know the Aquarius amongst us is going to love watching it. But know that while the story seems simple at first glance, the series depicts a heartbreaking journey and can show how brutal humans can get in hard situations.

Believe us, if you love to watch deep and complex stories and love a survival show with layers, this one is going to be the perfect choice!

If this series interests you, you can also buy and watch it on Amazon if you do not want to pay for yet another streaming service!


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