Movies You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Image By Grusho Anna From Shutterstock

Virgo: Documentary

While you may think that this is a very predictable choice, it makes sense why Virgos would love documentary movies and documentaries in general. These types of movies present reality and the details behind various topics, and this ever-detail-oriented earth sign is bound to love them.

So this is why we propose to all Virgos out there to give “ArtNation” a shot when they are searching for something new to read. Made by CBS News, this documentary show combines all the best art stories that have been present in the acclaimed shows Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes.

However, it comes with the added benefit of extra insight from the host, who is an actor himself, and just like that, you can dive deep into the art world easily!

Libra: Animations

Everyone needs some time to unwind, and Libras are no exception when it comes to this, especially when you take into consideration their personalities, which are prone to overworking.

This is why they should aim to relax with some good old-fashioned animations! And while there are many out there that you can pick and choose from, we are inclined to offer you the recommendation of a classic: Bob’s Burgers.

Believe us when we say that the story of this third-generation restaurateur and his family, while they run a burger joint, is going to make your afternoons brighter.


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