3 Best (and Worst) Zodiac Signs in The Bedroom

Image By Allexxandar From Shutterstock

Wost: Cancer

Coming back to the land of the living, those of you who are familiar with the zodiac signs probably expected to see Cancer on our list. They are unfortunately one of the worst zodiac signs when it comes to being intimate, and this comes from the fact that they can be a bit careless.

They may not care much for how the other person feels or what their intent is when it comes to spending some intimate moments together in the bedroom, and this may be because they can end up being bored with what is happening.

Most cancers love to be challenged, and while they can be amazing in bed, it is not a given that it will happen every time. And if you are not maintaining their attention, you may soon end up seeing a glazed look on their faces; unfortunately, it will not be from being satisfied; rather, it will be from the fact that they are bored.

Worst thing? They will not even try to hide it!

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