3 Best (and Worst) Zodiac Signs in The Bedroom

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Image By Allexxandar From Shutterstock

Best: Libra

Born between September 23 and October 22, people who were born Libras are thought to be the best partners when it comes to bedroom activities. And if you have had the chance to be with someone of this sign, you know just how eager they are to please and how down they are for a good time.

It is believed that they thrive when it comes to communicating with their partner and making sure that both they and their significant other are having a great time.

In general, Libras are not known for being too feisty (though they would be able to hold their own in a fight with no problem), so in order to make sure that everything is going smoothly, they will make sure your needs are met, both in the bedroom and outside! Not to mention, they are one of the signs with the biggest drive, so if your partner is a Libra, make sure you are prepared!


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