9 Best and Worst Husbands Based on Zodiac Signs

zodiac sign
Photo by Khaneeros.T from Shutterstock

1. Libra

Hey ladies, if your husband is a Libra, then you’re one lucky human being! And no, I am not kidding. In fact, you will never meet someone better than a Libra. Men under this zodiac sign tend to be very passionate, dedicated, and in love with their partners.

They are also great fathers, and if you’re married to a Libra, then you probably know that because if you already have kids, he is probably very protective but also enjoys playing with them as much as possible. “Librarians” will also seek balance in their relationships, both with you and others.

If you ask around, you will notice that almost everybody loves libras. And to be honest, what’s not to love about them?



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