8 Signs Someone Is Lying to Your Face

Image By marekuliasz From Shutterstock

#8 Trust your gut instinct

In the end, one’s instinctive response may be more reliable than rational lie detection. But if our instincts are more likely to be true, why are people often lousy at spotting dishonesty?

Conscious reactions might frequently block our spontaneous associations. People regularly focus on the conventional behaviors associated with lying, such as fidgeting and lack of eye contact, rather than trusting their instincts. It becomes increasingly challenging to discriminate between lies and truth when behaviors that are unreliable predict deceptions that are greatly overstated.

So, most importantly, trust your instincts. You may occasionally experience a strong intuitive drive that differentiates between honesty and dishonesty. If you can learn to trust your gut, you might end up having a great sense of spotting lies.

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