8 Signs Someone Is Lying to Your Face

Image By Irina Bg From Shutterstock

#7 Take a look at their eyes.

The phrase “windows to the soul” is often used to describe the eyes. This is particularly true when someone is lying. There’s just one challenge: it doesn’t matter where they’re looking, but where their eyes turn instead.

When recalling facts, some people, for example, gaze upward and to the right. However, when lying, they look downward. It’s the opposite for some people. Although you must first be aware of the person’s regular patterns, a shift in eye movement can be a strong indicator of lying.

Because of this, this technique is better suited for use with someone you are familiar with or who you at the very least interact with regularly. One eye movement “tell” is fairly common, though: when someone is lying, they frequently look in the direction of the door, which serves as their unaware escape route.


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