6 Habits Of Women With High Self-Worth

dreaming of a deceased relative women
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Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people in your life.

You can’t grow if you have the wrong people around you, period. Not everybody takes responsibility for the energy they release into the world, and if someone in your inner circle brings a lot of toxicity into your life without taking responsibility for it, then you need to reconsider your relationship.

I know it sounds incredibly cruel, but the same people will never support you in your decisions; they will try to hold you back and diminish your power.

Is that the kind of person you want to have around you? Exactly.

Process your deepest fears.

Feeling afraid is completely natural and human. Don’t reject your fears, because they will become increasingly powerful. Instead, try to understand them.

This is a great exercise that could help with your mental health. Interrogating and evaluating your fears could help you gain more clarity and also unmask all the current issues in your life that might have caused anxiety.

In return, you might alleviate that intense anxiety that has put a hold on you.


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