6 Habits Of Women With High Self-Worth

Photo by Jack Frog at Shutterstock

Allow yourself to make some mistakes.

I know society teaches us that “nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes”, but for some reason, we’re never truly comfortable with making mistakes.

Isn’t it curious? Moreover, the older we get, the more pressure there is not to fail. Well, why don’t you cut yourself some slack?

Making mistakes will help you grow, so embrace your past, embrace your decisions, and give yourself some credit.

You are in constant change, continuously growing from who you once were. Who you are today is a beautiful product of all the things you’ve been through, and you should be grateful for yourself.

Making mistakes is not only impossible, but it is also awfully unreasonable.

Remember that your value doesn’t lie in the way you look.

This is definitely one of the most important things to consider. So many things out there distract us and take our power away, including the way we “should” or “shouldn’t” look.

Moreover, you might even have some internalized selfishness that successfully drags you down every time you have the slightest impulse to feel good about yourself.

You are valuable because you’re YOU, not because of the way you look. So stop dragging yourself down, wear what you want, and most importantly, live the life you want.


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