6 Habits Of Women With High Self-Worth

Photo by Sabrina Bracher from shutterstock.com

Stop comparing yourself to others.

We are so used to being in constant competition with others that it has become incredibly natural. However, it can also be extremely dangerous.

There’s truly no point in comparing yourself to anyone else, especially since there’s no one like you out there.

Why not focus on yourself and your own journey instead of giving away your power to others?

Because the more you compare yourself to others, the more you give away your own power, and no one should ever take that away from you.

Stop caring about their opinions.

On the same note, you shouldn’t worry about what others expect from you. You truly can’t make everybody happy, so caring about what others might think will only set you back 100 steps.

Your journey is yours alone, and you can do wonderful things. You’ve already done so much, been through so much, and cared for so many people.


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